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We would be really grateful if you could spend a few minutes answering these questions to give us some feedback on the care we offer your child, and our relationship with you, our parents and families, to help us improve our service. Thank you :)
When you were choosing childcare, what was most important to you?
What do you think our biggest strengths are at The Cookie Club?
What do you think we can improve on at The Cookie Club?
Based on your experience, would you recommend The Cookie Club to another parent?
If you joined us recently, do you feel that your child has settled into the club well?
How could we improve our service? Is there any other service you would like for us to provide within the club?
Please rate us using the stars according to how strongly you agree to the following statements
1 Star - Strongly disagree   |   2 Stars - Disagree   |   3 Stars - Neither agree nor disagree   |   4 Stars - Agree   |   5 Stars - Strongly agree
My child usually happy to attend the club
I feel confident that the club fulfils my child's needs and expectations
Staff are approachable and willing to discuss any questions/concerns
The club communicates information well
I know what my child does at the club each day
I feel that the club encourages confidence and independance
The club offers a good range of play activities and opportunities
The club opening times meet my childcare requirements
I am happy with the snacks/meals provided by the club
Cookie Club Branch
All forms will be submitted anonymously, but if you would like to leave your Name/Email Address, please do so.

Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

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