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Session times & charges (from September 2022)

Morning Session 

7.45am* - school drop off (includes breakfast and transport)

£7.50   Regular / Fixed Session 

£10.50   Casual / One Off Session 

* Extended session: 7:30am drop off is £2.50 extra per session


Afternoon Session

School pick up - 5pm (includes light tea and transport)

£11.00   Regular / Fixed Session       

£16.50  Casual / One Off Session

- Or -

School pick up - 6pm*

(includes light tea and transport)

£13.00   Regular / Fixed Session

£18.50   Casual / One Off Session

* Extended session: 6:15 pm collection is £2.50 extra per session

All fees include transport and snacks/meals provided.


Fees are paid for the academic year over 12 monthly payments.

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